VA Content Membership


Struggling to know what to post for your VA Biz?

I get it, there’s so much content to be created to market our businesses – from blog posts and freebies, to showing up on social media, it can feel like a never ending cycle of creating content.

Add that to your already busy schedule of client work, business admin, pitching to clients, networking and everything else that comes with running a VA business and it’s easy to see why creating content slips to the bottom of your to-do list over and over again.

Now imagine having new blog posts and social media content to share with your audience every single month without having to start from scratch!

Can you imagine…

  • Having blog posts ready to share on your website each month.
  • Having pre-written social media posts to promote your blog posts.
  • Creating beautiful graphics to share your blog posts in just a few minutes each month.
  • Having all of the important/fun dates fort the month ahead at your finger tips.
  • Being able to create social media posts with ease each and every month.
  • Creating opt-in freebies that get your ideal clients on your email list each month.
  • All of this is possible when you’re in the Kick-Ass VA Content Membership!

Membership levels:

  • Blog Content Only Membership – $9/Month
  • Blog + Social Media Content Membership- $15/Month
  • Blog + Social Media + Freebie Content Membership – $18/Month

You can also pay in GBP