Online Course

The Unboxed Guide to Niche and Messaging


Helping you create clarity around your niche and messaging without leaving your feeling boxed in.

What’s included?

  • Nail Your Niche Training Video: A full overview of my signature system for creating a niche, message and more.
  • Worksheets, guides and trainings to help you:
    • Do the right kind of market research
    • Discover what people say when you’re not in the room
    • Develop your niche and brand statement
    • Craft your messaging
    • Create stand out brand stories to totally revolutionise your message
    • Develop Content themes you can’t wait to get stuck into
    • Identify the problem(s) you solve for your clients so they can’t wait to buy from you
    • Understand your client journey
    • Create aligned packages and programmes
    • Create an Ideal client that actually works
    • Checklist to ensure your niche, brand and message is consistently awesome across every platform in your business

You can also pay in GBP: £97