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Sort Out Ya Socials Training + Template


Need to get your content organised and want to stop feeling like creating content is a massive pain in the behind?

It’s easy to get stuck in a content creation don’t-have-the-time / brain capacity loop when it comes to staying consistent on social media.

As a Virtual Assistant, I have seen it in my clients and also in myself far too many times to count. I found it hard to look after my own content and manage my client workload. My marketing always ended up on the shelf and I had to keep dusting it off and starting again – I needed an easier way to market myself and stay on top of it without feeling like it was a massive hassle.

I needed a place to dump ideas as well as a place to plan and write content – I wanted it all in one place but I also wanted a bank of past content so I could repurpose old stuff and be inspired to create new content.

So, I created a Social Media Planner to get organised, inspired and on the ball.

What can you do with this Template?

  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Brainstorm Post Ideas
  • Figure out your Content Pillars
  • Plan out Reels/TikToks – Including music
  • Plan out annual content – Such as international days
  • Repurpose old content – Across platforms without the faff
  • Keep track of links
  • Plan out content for launches
  • Stay consistent across platforms

Plus, you’ll always know exactly where at (and you’ll actually stay on track)