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Notion Planning Templates


Wish you had a planning system that works around you? I’ve tried a lot of planning tools in my business – Evernote, Asana, Trello, a Google Doc, a physical planner – but nothing really clicked until I tried Notion.

Maybe you’ve struggled to find a planning method or organisational system that works for you – you’re fed up of either having to use multiple planning systems or you simply find yourself completely overwhelmed and end up using nothing at all.

Either way, it’s not working. The nature of running a business means you need some way of organising your shit. If the idea of a system that brings everything together feels exciting then read on!

Learn how to use Notion to manage your business and get a selection of templates to create your own Notion Business Hub.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Editable Notion Templates – You’ll receive fully editable Notion Templates include: Home page, content planning page, pages for various business areas including a Course and Programme Library, Client Tracker, cash flow spreadsheet and more. Also included is an annual planning page, quarterly planning page and monthly planning page.
  • How to use Notion training – I’ve recorded a video that simply explains how to use Notion. It took me ages to properly understand how to use the system so I’m explaining it all for you so you don’t have to Google everything.
  • Instructional videos on using the templates – You’ll also get full instructions on how to use the templates and make them your own!

You can also pay in GBP: £14