Online Course

Enchanting Challenges


Grow your list, launch your thing and create new super fans. Enchanting Challenges is an online programme which will teach you how to successfully run challenges in your own business and use them to grow your list, book more 1:1 clients and sell more of your thing.

What do we cover in the training?

  • How to come up with an engaging challenge idea that works for your business
  • How to structure your challenge – how long your challenge should run for, what you should do on different days, where to run it etc – including the options of on and off social media
  • My top tricks for running your challenge so your group doesn’t end up filled with tumbleweeds when no one engages!
  • Creating content for your challenge that converts your participants into clients + buyers
  • How to promote your challenge so people actually join it
  • My exact challenge blueprint for creating, promoting and running a challenge with ease
  • How to create a challenge that is actually enjoyable to run!

You can also pay in GBP: £197